Remember not too long ago when a town hall hosted by Rep. Tom McClintock in Roseville, Calif., ended up with the Republican congressman being escorted by police out of the venue and through a crowd of hundreds of protesters chanting “shame”?

Plenty mocked the congressman on social media, asking, “Who’s the snowflake now?” Others hashtagged their posts with #IndivisibleTeam, a group that describes itself in its Twitter bio as “former congressional staffers” who “reveal best practices for making Congress listen.” They’ve found a partner in Robert B. Reich, whose Inequality Media recently released a “Town Hall Resistance Guide.”

You know word has gotten around that this is a coordinated effort to disrupt GOP town halls when protesters show up carrying signs that literally say, “Unpaid Protester.” That was just one of the signs that met Rep. Jim Jordan as he emerged onto the front porch of the Warren G. Harding Home on Presidents Day.

Actually, Tuesday might be a little less crowded if you were considering touring the house rather than chanting out front.

To Jordan’s and the crowd’s credit, there was no repeat of the debacle in California, and Jordan stepped down from the porch from which Harding campaigned to meet protesters face to face.

The protesters were a little impatient, though.

To be honest, this protest didn’t have the same monolithic look as those at other town halls. Signs ranged from “Bridges Not Walls” to “Planned Parenthood Harvests Baby Parts” to a cardboard placard about a vote to shoot hibernating bears to “Stop the Insanity,” which we can endorse 100 percent.

No kidding:

Jordan, who then headed to the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center where he met with more protesters, did give this particular sign a Twitter thumbs-up.