Believe it or not, the same press that launched a Twitter hashtag campaign Friday in response to another “fake news” tweet from President Donald Trump weren’t fans of his rally Saturday afternoon in Melbourne, Fla., although the crowd certainly seemed to be into it.

To be honest, there wasn’t much to distinguish the rally from a campaign event, but President Obama campaigned for a full eight years, so that’s nothing new either.

We’ve got to agree for the most part, although if you ignore most of the speech and just focus on the most important parts — Trump’s digs at the media and the media’s response — it was still pretty fresh.

Take a look at this guy the president just invited up on stage; he’s wearing a T-shirt for goodness sake. Good thing we wore our pearls today so we can clutch them.

They’re getting there.

Finally, someone who knows what the American people really care about and is willing to go the extra mile to investigate. So, overall impressions?