It seems we’re covering more and more student groups making demands of the schools they attend. Students at Oberlin have demanded special, segregated black-only safe spaces on campus, while at Brown, white students were told not to comment on or edit the “Day of Reclamation” Facebook page, as “this is not our space and we are not entitled to inclusion or explanations.”

And just this week, a group at Howard University demanded that President Donald Trump be banned from all campus buildings and any contact between Trump and the school administration disclosed.

The demands just keep coming, and now a group called the Associated Students of Madison has resolved that the University of Wisconsin-Madison offer free tuition and housing to all black students, including former inmates, adding that consideration of ACT and SAT scores in applications restricts opportunities for the poor and thus upholds white supremacy.

University officials are reportedly reviewing the resolution and had no immediate comment, although a spokesperson for the university said that the school “supports the spirit of the resolution,” but it’s unclear whether the methods proposed by the Associated Students of Madison are legal or the best way to accomplish those goals.

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