After President Donald Trump’s lengthy press conference wrapped up Thursday afternoon, “unhinged” appeared to emerge as the word of the day on Twitter as journalists who found themselves labeled again as purveyors of “fake news” consoled each other on social media.

NBC News political director Chuck Todd perhaps took the press conference the hardest, at least publicly, calling Trump’s attempts to delegitimize the press “un-American” and no laughing matter.

Bloomberg’s Deena Shanker tweeted a link to her piece, “How to Stay Sane in a World of Crazy News,” and advised reporters to indulge in some down-time.

Throughout the campaign season, Trump would call out the press at campaign rallies, and reporters would relay stories of how one kind person would approach and thank them for their work. That seems to be happening still; check out this thank-you card making the rounds online.

Maybe the likes and shares will pick up should the card go viral, but until then, Peter Alexander can rest assured that actress Alyssa Milano believes his fact-checking of Trump at the presser earned him the title of super hero.

Maybe if each of us could say a kind word to a journalist just once this week, the healing could begin.

That’s nice, but it can’t begin to compete with a Valentine’s Day letter written by some D.C. fourth-graders and sent to the Washington Post. Fact-checker Michelle Ye Hee Lee posted it on Facebook, explaining that the young students wanted it to “go to journalists.”

Ishaan Tharoor is a foreign affairs writer for the Washington Post who wan’t impressed with the president’s performance at Thursday’s press conference.

At least Tharoor has the consolation of having that same Valentine posted in the newsroom to remind him that he’s cool, awesome, wonderful, special, magnificent, and terrific.

There’s a third category it seems.

Hey, now … behave.

Does Tharoor keep that video handy for inspiration for those long stretches between Valentine’s Day fan mail?


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