Remember when journalists had a brief social media freakout over a phone call in which President Donald Trump reportedly threatened to invade Mexico? That report turned out to be fake news, and a transcript showed that Trump had offered America’s assistance in dealing with “some pretty tough hombres” in Mexico.

These likely aren’t the tough hombres Trump was talking about, but Arizona Central reports that U.S. Border Patrol agents earlier this month observed “several people quickly retreating from the fence as the agents approached.”

The group scattered, but they left behind two bundles of marijuana weighing a combined 47 pounds, as well as a catapult attached to the border fence that could launch the drugs into Douglas, Ariz.

The U.S. Border Patrol dismantled the catapult after it was seized by Mexican law enforcement authorities.

Forty-seven pounds of pot might not seem like much, but the incident does illustrate the lack of respect for America’s border and indifference to the fence … not to mention the questions it raises about who exactly on the American side was anticipating an air drop of weed.

Now this is a lot of pot: 10,000 pounds of it, seized late last year near the Nogales point of entry: