Believe it or not, New York Fashion Week is following the path taken by the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and every other bright buzzing light that attracts celebrities like moths; following the election of Donald Trump, the event has adopted a political slant. Crazy, right?

Yes, the resistance is well represented at Fashion Week, perhaps most obviously by the “Fashion Stands With Planned Parenthood” campaign. Look, pins!

Sorry, did we say political? Steven Kolb, president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, told the San Francisco Chronicle that the CFDA is non-political, and its program with Planned Parenthood “is not about a political stance … It’s aligning with an organization that provides health care services to women.”

Immigration is another hot topic at Fashion Week, and if you needed something to go with your Nasty Woman T-shirt, safety pin, pussy hat, and Planned Parenthood button, you could join the designers and models in wearing a #TiedTogether white bandana “to make a clear statement in support of human unity and inclusiveness amidst growing uncertainty and a dangerous narrative peddling division.”

White bandanas and Planned Parenthood buttons, oh my!

Just be careful where you buy that white bandana; we’ve lost track of which retailers are being boycotted for carrying Trump products.

* * *