If there was one high point in the hot mess of news Tuesday, it was the look on Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s face when she was informed the Michael Flynn tweet she was rambling about was 100 percent fake and lifted from a parody account. At least she had company; Rep. Elijah Cummings also quoted the same parody account as soon as he found a lectern and some TV cameras.

Another day, another chance to be duped by a fake Twitter account. This time it was Annie Shields, editor of The Nation, who was anxious to spread word (and then delete) that Trump adviser Stephen Miller had liked a David Duke tweet.


Yeah, he sure looks stupid right now.

The White House confirmed that Stephen Miller is not on Twitter … or is he, and this is just another of the Trump administration’s lies?

Well played.

Shields, too, had company, with the site Little Green Footballs publishing a piece on the fake Miller tweet, noting that Miller is “a total whackjob”:


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