Here’s a shock to no one: following Jeff Sessions’ confirmation as U.S. Attorney General Wednesday, his former Senate colleague Elizabeth Warren vowed that she would not be silenced again.

Wait … did we mention that Sessions was confirmed?

The resistance really hasn’t had a good time of it this week, what with the confirmations of both Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions. Warren, who had inspired the #ShePersisted hashtag, did indeed persist.

Consider this: It was only last June that Hillary Clinton, a shoe-in to be America’s 45th president, reportedly was envisioning a “beer summit” of sorts in her first 100 days in office, exploiting her “ability to use alcohol as a political lubricant” to hold a “relaxed, frank discussion” with her political opponents.

And Warren, who campaigned fiercely with Clinton, seemed to be OK with that … before Nov. 9. If we were Jeff Sessions, we wouldn’t be swallowing any beverage put in front of us, regardless of alcohol content, while Warren was anywhere around.

Her tweetstorm was utterly predictable, but if it makes it any more fun to read, check out the number of likes on each one.

Yes, we’ve all read the letter … the one that’s not a fraction as damning as Warren’s tweets suggest.

That certainly does sound like a warning:


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