It’s no secret that the election of Donald Trump had a seismic impact on Hollywood; consider the current broken state of “Avengers” director Joss Whedon.

If Whedon thinks that time he joked about Speaker Paul Ryan being raped to death by a rhino is evidence of his being funny for a while, he really is proof of just how broken nearly all of Hollywood is. Could things possibly get worse?

Maybe. Glenn Lovell suggested in Monday’s Los Angeles Times that the Oscars, which sadly have not been cancelled in protest of the election, might still be rocked by Trump and his “fear-driven legislation meant to rob minorities of their rights.”

Feel-good musical “La La Land,” with 14 nominations, was heavily favored to win best picture, but Academy voters are going to want their votes to matter (this time) and will be tempted to honor something less frivolous.

Likewise, Academy members might choose to hand best actress honors to Meryl Streep, not for her performance in “Florence Foster Jenkins,” but for her dressing down of Trump at the Golden Globes, which aired several days before Oscar voting closed.

So which film will win best picture because of Trump’s drive to rob minorities of their rights? Probably “Moonlight,” or maybe “Fences.” Sorry, “La La Land” … no best picture award for you.

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