Shaun King, senior social justice writer for the New York Daily News, is a champion of many progressive causes, but police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement are once again front and center in his mind as he presents his latest column.

That’s a pretty shocking statistic to see in print, considering President Trump hasn’t even been in office for a month.

Trump is President, the Justice Department is about to be in the hands of a team who could care less about police brutality, and we just experienced the deadliest month at the hands of American police since 2015.

President Trump’s first month in office ended with at least 105 people killed by American police. That’s the highest number of people killed by American police in any one month since 2015.

Inauguration Day was Jan. 20, right? It’s been so long we’ve forgotten who was running things until then, but there are reportedly photos of him kiteboarding with multibillionaire pal Richard Branson making the rounds today.

Maybe (OK, probably) King is well aware that he’s fudging the numbers and just doesn’t care: “… because Trump’s claiming jobs gained for January, and because the major police unions all endorsed Trump, I’m going to go ahead and place this number squarely on his desk.”

So because the police unions endorsed Trump, his term started Jan. 1? Statistics, how do they work?

Not just reality but even time itself has been warped for poor liberals.

* * *