While Sens. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz were squaring off on CNN in a debate over Obamacare, the real fireworks were to be found on the Senate floor, where Democrats were preparing for another all-night talkathon, this time in opposition to the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Change of plan: the Senate decided that Warren will be tweeting rather than speaking out Tuesday night.

Shut down a white woman? Oh, Elizabeth Warren. Never mind.

OK … imagining … Yep. That was pretty easy. Honestly, she might as well have kept talking, so as not to give legs to the myth that Sessions wouldn’t have been confirmed if only Warren had read aloud the letter from Coretta Scott King. But now that narrative is already going around.

One thing’s certain: It didn’t take long for Warren to find another outlet for her rant.


Never fear: backup is here.

* * *