It was last October when Twitchy reported on the late August arrest of Harold Thomas Martin, III, a former NSA contractor and lieutenant in the United States Navy. From reports, Martin’s arrest sounded like a very serious undertaking; a neighbor witnessed agents tossing a stun grenade in Martin’s house and leaving 11 hours later with the suspect in handcuffs.

Feds told the press at the time that Martin, who was charged with stealing government property and unauthorized removal of classified materials, had committed “breathtaking” crimes.

The Washington Post reported Monday that Martin might be indicted this week in connection with “the biggest theft of classified information in U.S. history.” Martin is accused of taking thousands of pages of classified info as well as 50 terabytes of digital files over the course of two decades. Most troubling to some, though, is the theft of hacking tools from the NSA’s elite hacker unit, Tailored Access Operations.

A defense attorney argued during a detention hearing that Martin took home the materials to improve at his job and exhibited the behavior of “a compulsive hoarder who could not stop gathering and possessing the documents he treasured.”