It’s very possible this isn’t an example of fake news, but digging into it for proof doesn’t really yield much in the way of evidence.

Much as the New York Times’ look at President Trump’s acclimation to the White House seemed to captivate readers over the single tidbit that the president slips into a bathrobe in the evening and watches TV, Politico’s story on the president’s reaction to Melissa McCarthy’s Saturday Night Live impression of Press Secretary Sean Spicer had that one little detail that caught people’s attention.

Well, that detail certainly supports the idea that Trump is a misogynist, but who would know the president found that most “problematic”? Sources close to him, that’s who.

Citing unnamed sources isn’t new, but why are multiple sources who are close enough to Trump to know what bothered him most about a specific SNL skit even talking to the press about it?