After the election, members of the media agreed it was time for the press to get back to work and commit to real reporting, including investigative journalism.

Quite a few media outlets got their feet wet by investigating the racial makeup of Donald Trump’s cabinet. Politico likely led the way with its Nov. 18 count of white men, with CNN lagging far behind, waiting until mid-December to compile its race-and-gender check of Trump’s cabinet-in-progress. The findings were similar, however; Trump’s picks included mostly white men. Jezebel dug even deeper and discovered they’re “ungodly rich” as well.

The New York Times updated its tally of white men in each president’s first cabinet and its accompanying graphic in January, and it’s the Times’ graphic that features in a tweet from NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Come to think of it, the Supreme Court that ruled in favor of Roe v. Wade also was run by older, white men, so we’re not quite sure where NARAL is going with this. Maybe NARAL isn’t really sure either.

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