The overwhelming visual on all the cable news channels this Saturday is the sight of protesters everywhere, both in the United States and around the free world, marching in opposition to President Donald Trump and his executive order on immigration and refugees and demanding #NoBanNoWall.

Admittedly, a much less compelling visual would be the rooftops of all the homes and businesses where people are going about their daily business, but a quick glance at the TV is enough to convince just about anyone that the entire planet stands in unison against the Trump administration.

Philip Gourevitch, staff writer for the New Yorker, posits that at this point, Trump needs jihadis to attack America — we’re guessing to garner public support for his policies. Actually, make to that garner visual support for his policies that reflects recent poll results.

Now that the reported pink yarn shortage stoked by massive demand for pussy hats is behind us, it might be a good time to stock up on tin foil if we’re really going with this theory.

Then again, maybe one of the reasons Trump was elected in the first place was because Americans have had enough of being attacked by jihadis.