Forget Sen. Jeff Sessions and the sit-ins and protests surrounding his nomination; don’t even think for a second about a joke printed in Justice Neil Gorsuch’s high school yearbook, or the robe Sen. Ted Cruz wore in college, or everything Donald Trump and Mitt Romney ever said over the course of their entire lives.

Women’s March on Washington co-organizer Linda Sansour, who was recently called out on a 2013 tweet in which she wished women’s rights activists Brigitte Gabriel and Ayaan Hirsi Ali would be whipped and their vaginas taken away, doesn’t want to be judged on something stupid she said six years ago. Instead, judge her on all the stupid things said at the Women’s March.

Everyone, please take out your rulebooks and note this important change to the rules of political discourse, which shall be known as the Sarsour Rule — not to be confused with the Biden Rule.