After Twitter went crazy Wednesday over an AP report that President Trump had threatened to invade Mexico, consider double-checking any “BREAKING” news item from the Associated Press before retweeting it to the world.

Quite a few news outlets Thursday anxiously reported that the House of Representatives had voted 235-180 to roll back background checks for gun purchases.

The headlines all seem to be similarly vague:

Former Hillary Clinton spokesperson Jesse Lehrich quoted a passage from USA TODAY to spread the news that the House had voted explicitly to allow schizophrenics to buy firearms.

Not surprisingly, the NRA wasn’t happy with the way the vote was being portrayed, and the organization even called out Sen. Dianne Feinstein specifically.

Friction between the NRA and Democrats in Congress is nothing new, but something’s going on here. Obviously, there’s more to the story than Congress voting to weaken background checks.

Amanda Carey Elliott does social media for the NRA.

Pamela Jablonski of Twitchy sister site Bearing Arms reported on the legislation earlier this week.

Jablonski writes, “identifying who is and isn’t violent has to be determined through due process of the law or by emergency court order.”

Under the law, the SSA has to provide the National Instant Criminal Background Check System database a list of recipients eligible and receiving SSI insurance based upon criteria they have determined makes a person mentally ill; thereby creating an unsubstantiated association of mental illness and a propensity to violence. This blanket decision – without any history, medical, or psychological determination on a per-person/case-by-case basis – is a generalization, based upon the type of disability a recipient receives.

So, no, neither the House nor the NRA is working explicitly to arm schizophrenics but to keep law-abiding citizens from being swept up in an wide net woven from the Social Security Administration’s red tape.