The Denver Post is reporting that the leaders of a Denver mosque emailed the Department of Homeland Security to warn them about a bearded caucasian visitor who seemed “pretty advanced in his path of radicalization,” and who police now suspect shot and killed a transit security guard.

The members of the mosque also told of a time the man known only as “Joshua” rebuked the presented at an open house for being soft on sharia law.

Police have released a mugshot of Joshua Cummings, 37, who they suspect approached a private security guard working for the Regional Transportation District and shot him in the head.

Police say they don’t have a motive, but the Denver Post reports that Cummings’ social media postings “are filled with references to Islam, police brutality and the failing of the United States.”

Furthermore, CBS4 in Denver cites a “well-placed law enforcement source” who claims that investigators turned up Cummings’ name on a terror watch list about a month ago, after Cummings filed a police report with a suburban Denver police department. Local officers then contacted the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Colorado twice, a second time after learning that Cummings was still living at an area motel.

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