The threat of a crackdown on sanctuary cities by the Trump administration has mayors and others doubling down, with the California state senate even considering legislation to create an entire sanctuary state.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on MSNBC to explain his stance on sanctuary cities and liked what he saw enough to share the clip on his own timeline.

In short, de Blasio explains that New York’s sanctuary city policy is a public safety issue in that, if the city’s more than half-a-million illegal immigrants fear deportation, they’re not going to cooperate with police if, say, they witness a crime.

Which brings us to a second point: crime. De Blasio held up a list of 170 “serious crimes, violent crimes” for which the city would cooperate with ICE on deportation proceedings. It would be terrible to split up a family over an offense like stealing a loaf of bread or possessing a small amount of marijuana … or driving drunk … so apparently illegals are good as long as they avoid the menu of “serious” crimes.

The clip was supposed to explain sanctuary cities, but now it all seems more arbitrary than ever; sort of like President Obama’s record number of commutations over sentences he personally felt were “too harsh” and outdated.