President Donald Trump managed to keep people guessing until 8 p.m. who his SCOTUS nominee would be, which didn’t leave much time for that small but growing group of protesters outside of the Supreme Court to work up their signs denouncing the president’s “extreme and dangerous” pick.

People for the American Way had encouraged the public to join the organization in front of the Supreme Court to protest Trump’s extreme and dangerous nominee, whoever it might turn out to be.

The protest might have been delayed a minute or so so that the organizers could make sure they were handing out the correct set of signs to the members of the organic demonstration.


Wow, protesters. That was unexpected. Could it be, though, that progressives again overplayed their hand?

Chuck Schumer, huh? Was he crying when he cast that vote?

It’s very possible this won’t be the only Supreme Court nominee of the Trump administration; maybe save some outrage in reserve?

Sounds like a solid choice.

Definitely a solid choice.

* * *


Sen. Ben Sasse found at least one sign that wasn’t 100 percent prefabricated.