It was good news for everyone Thursday morning, after the Washington Post reported that the State Department’s entire senior management team had just resigned. While the anti-Trump crowd was cheering the employees for their open display of resistance, the rest of the public was glad to see the swamp draining itself.

That show of bravery didn’t seem quite so brave later in the day, after the report was corrected and it turned out that Trump told a handful of senior staffers, “You’re fired.”

What if you haven’t been fired or don’t have the nerve to quit? EPA workers who reportedly were going to work in tears after Trump was elected are being offered counseling sessions on dealing with the transition, but is that  enough?

Never fear: Politico is here to help with a nine-question quiz to help you decide if you should stick it out in the Trump administration or resign.

The questions come from Price Floyd, previously director of media affairs at the U.S. Department of State, who resigned in 2007 after he could no longer look his children in the eye and tell them he was doing the right thing.

Hey, this post is about the moral conundrum facing government workers under President Trump, not manufactured news. Well, it was.

* * *