As Twitchy reported, demonstrators have already amassed around Terminal 4 at JFK International in New York in response to President Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting” executive order, which led to at least 11 people being detained at the airport.

As the protest grew, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau popped up on Twitter to remind refugees from around the world that Canada’s doors are open wide, and who knows — Trudeau might even meet you personally at the airport.

What do you know? Everyone’s moving to Canada … except, of course, all of the Hollywood celebs who claimed they were moving to Canada were Trump to win the election.

Probably, yes. But Canada should be certain it’s prepared for both the expense and the culture shock if it wants to steer clear of the problems that have beset countries like Germany and France.

Trudeau’s tweet racked up 150,000 likes in just a couple hours, but a tweet isn’t the law, is it?

Canada should be putting on some serious muscle pretty soon through an unchecked influx of refugees if the country’s strength really is its diversity,