President Donald Trump is managing to elicit outrage and even tears by walking into Washington, D.C. and suddenly acting like he runs the place or something.

MSNBC host Christopher Hayes, for example, posted a picture from a contact showing what is obviously the work of Trump himself pulling all the books from the shelves in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building and replacing them with copies of his own titles. The ego of this guy!

The shiny floor?

Oh, thanks for the hint. We would have been looking forever for one of those “when you see it …” shockers.

Notice … the … books.

How did this happen? Who did this? Those are all books by Donald Trump! THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

Where did all of Obama’s books go, then? You just know Trump had some lackey chuck them in the basement furnace. Or maybe — hang on — maybe he hired some prostitutes to, well, you know.