Democrats have shifted their opposition to a border wall into high gear by deploying a coordinated Twitter hashtag, but should President Trump fail to live by the promise of hashtag, he and his administration really ought to consider the input of Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.).

In releasing his statement on the border wall, Gutiérrez guessed that Trump supporters would be happy with “a statue of a middle finger pointing south.” Sure, that was meant to be an insult, but you know he’s right for the most part. If the crowd at the Women’s March can applaud Madonna’s fantasy of blowing up the White House and still be covered as an important event, there don’t seem to be any standards left holding anyone back.

Gutiérrez wrote, in part:

Trump’s executive actions are more about sending a signal to his voters that the new President will act on fears of Muslims and Latinos rather than put forward actual, thoughtful security policy.

As far as the wall is concerned, I suspect that a lot of Trump supporters would be just as happy with a big statue of a middle finger pointed south, because both that and a wall are about equally effective as national security strategies.

Can’t Americans have both the border wall and the statue? The winning campaign slogan wasn’t “Make America Just OK Again,” after all.