There were plenty of gems dropped at the #DNCDebate last week, as contenders for the next chair of the Democratic National Committee faced off on stage.

Still, our favorite statement was from Sally Boynton Brown, executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party, who declared that “facts don’t matter to people anymore.” Therefore, after their drubbing in the 2016 elections, Democrats need to try something radically new  — lay off the hard, cold facts and appeal to people’s emotions.

The candidates met again Monday night, and once again, Boynton Brown managed to shine through and convince Republicans, if not Democrats, that she’s far and away the best choice to head the DNC. Why? Because people don’t care about the issues anymore; they don’t even care about race — what they want is to know that you care about race.

That clip’s just over a minute long, but if even that’s too much to stomach, Boynton Brown explains, “I’m a white woman, I don’t get it,” adding that she considers it her job to listen and to be a voice and “to shut other people white people down when they want to interrupt.”

She’d also like to provide Democrats training on “how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white,” but she confessed she needs help herself. “I need schooling so I can go school the other white people,” she added.

We’re tempted to throw around the word “hero” here, but seeing as there are non-white candidates vying for the same position, wouldn’t it be a lot more efficient for Boynton Brown to withdraw her candidacy and let those candidates speak for themselves while she listens from the audience?

* * *