Now that Barack Obama is out of office, America can’t count on continual warnings from the president about the dangers of fake news. It’s a bit frightening wading into the morass of news feeds and blogs without Obama’s guidance, but we have to look sometime.

This is interesting: Just last week, BuzzFeed curated and compiled the very best photos from Barack Obama’s two terms as president to present “33 pictures of the Obamas that will restore your faith in love.” Only days later, an 8-second clip pulled from Friday’s inaugural ceremony has many convinced that the Trumps have a sham marriage or worse, an abusive one. Jezebel is ON IT.

Sorry, that’s the long version, running 44 seconds. The proof really shines through when the video is edited down to 8 seconds, zoomed in impossibly close, and converted to CompuServe’s cutting-edge animated GIF platform so that it looks like a paint-by-numbers watercolor.

Sorry to bring down the mood in here. Maybe give it the Joss Whedon spin, where even being raped to death can be funny if it’s the right person.

Aside from its previous article, “Melania Hates Donald: A Theory,” what does Jezebel have to add aside from the sarcastic tweet? Not a lot, really, except some more sarcasm:

Look at her as she laughs with her husband. Such fun they’re having, our new first couple!

Look at how her face darkens the minute he turns away.

Look at the way her eyes cloud over with hints of the dead, lifeless abyss that waits for each and every one of us.

People really are torn: is it sad that Melania is clearly an abused wife, or funny? Maybe a little of both, since she deserves whatever she gets — that doesn’t sound like feminism to us, but maybe we missed the rollout of fourth-wave feminism.

So many emotions.

Whoa, hold up. Sure, the 8-second GIF isn’t much to go on, but isn’t the 44-second video enough context for anyone?

Wow, we’re so old, we remember when “selectively edited” video was a bad thing … and it’s only Trump’s first week.

* * *