Despite his public statements throughout the campaign season and his rallies on Hillary Clinton’s behalf, you could argue that Sen. Bernie Sanders has given a lot of support to Donald Trump, the way he allowed himself to be kneecapped by the Democratic National Committee and all.

On Monday, it appeared that Sanders had crossed the aisle to work with the president, saying he could work with Trump on trade.

Of course, the route Sanders takes to cross the aisle is a little wayward, seeing as he’s an Independent, not a Democrat. Die-hard Bernie supporters (and detractors who blame him for undercutting Hillary Clinton) don’t really like it when that distinction is glossed over, as it appeared to be when Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert cited The Hill’s piece on Sanders as an example of Democrats offering the bipartisan support that Barack Obama never enjoyed.

Oh, it was.

We recall reading recently about a number of Democrats loudly declaring Trump’s presidency illegitimate and pledging to obstruct him at every turn, which seems like the very opposite of support.


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