For all the talk of living in the shadows and fearing deportation each and every day, the 6-year-old who has emerged as the face of the amnesty movement (even if people don’t realize it) isn’t shy about showing her face. Let’s face it: she’s adorable. Still, if she truly lives every day in fear, is it too much to ask that the parents who put her in the position she’s in speak for themselves now and then?

The little girl from Los Angeles and her family popped up at the Women’s March in D.C. Saturday, where she led the crowd in a chant of “Si se puede!”

You guys in the media know you’re being played, right?

Fighting for the rights of immigrants? Like all other citizens, immigrants do enjoy the rights of American citizenship … unless, of course, they’re here illegally. Guess USA TODAY didn’t have enough characters to add that detail to its tweet.

There’s a rule about leaving the kids out of it, but that applies to children of politicians who are trying to live private lives. Sophie Cruz (sometimes spelled Sofie) has very much been pushed into the spotlight and doesn’t seem to mind the public relations gig one bit. She’s kind of a pro at it.

We’ve gone over this before, but a quick refresher. At 5, Sophie made headlines as the girl who got past the barricades and/or broke through/breached/eluded security during the pope’s visit in 2015 to hand-deliver a plea for amnesty for her family. Even PBS eventually reported that the spontaneous encounter had been planned for a year by an activist group that “pulled off a similar public relations coup” in Rome a year earlier with a 10-year-old girl.

Since that encounter, Sophie has appeared in a video by, an advocacy group backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, visited the Supreme Court, and dropped in on President Obama for Cinco de Mayo (though her parents, both illegals, weren’t invited in). Joe Biden was even there to pinch those cheeks, because of course he was.

Considering Sophie had submitted a question for the debates last fall where she again said, “My heart is very sad, because I’m scared that ICE is going to deport my undocumented mommy and daddy,” she didn’t look it at the Women’s March.

This amazing Mexican-American girl is getting more political than ever?

She’s 6.