Uh oh …

The Women’s March on Washington isn’t until Saturday, but it’s already provided plenty of amusement to spectators. There were complaints that the march leadership lacked racial diversity, as initial organizers of the march were predominantly white. Then there was the shock of finding out that pro-life feminists had planned to attend — an idea that organizers shut down very quickly.

Men were criticized as well for not signing up in huge numbers, while some blamed poor branding for giving the impression the Women’s March was a women’s march.

There’s not much time left to finish up those pink pussyhats and get to the National Mall, but there’s another problem: Hillary Clinton isn’t named as an honoree of the march, and there’s already a petition to correct that oversight, along with a hashtag, #AddHerName.

But organizers said this wasn’t an anti-Trump … yeah, let’s not even pretend, OK?