Celebrations and protests were in full swing in Washington, D.C., on the eve of the inauguration, but it’s Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington that has Donald Trump protesters anxiously checking their calendars.

The organizers of the march have posted their platform online, but a scan on social media posts suggests a lot of women are just excited to wear their pink pussyhats. Some of the hosts of the View just couldn’t wait and showed off their headgear Wednesday.

The BBC seemed to confirm Thursday that a nationwide run on pink yarn is real, reporting that “Donald Trump is causing a yarn shortage in the United States, where many Americans just can’t get their hands on worsted fuschia pink — because many of the world’s knitters are using it to protest against the incoming president.”

Um, two things: Wouldn’t that be the women buying yarn to make the hats who are causing the shortage? And doesn’t this sound a bit like fake news? Did some BBC News staffer call around to U.S. yarn and craft stores to take inventory? Not that we care … it’s just that journalists were going to get back to work again in 2017, and we assumed fact-checking was part of that.

Going by anecdotal evidence, yes, pink yarn might be difficult to find.

The survival hoarding has begun already. We thought women were nurturers and always anxious to share resources equally.

“Grandma, tell us again the story of the Inaugural Pussy Hat Pink Yarn Shortage of 2017!”

Wasn’t it just last night that DNC chair hopeful Sally Boynton Brown said that people don’t care about facts anymore, and the Democrats really have to try to connect with their emotions? How tough could that really be, when they consider even wearing pink knit hats a powerful political statement?


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