You wouldn’t exactly say the debate Wednesday night between candidates for Democratic National Committee chair burned up social media, but the event, hosted by the Huffington Post, was worth a look.

After all, party chair is no small gig, and after the relationship turned sour between the party faithful and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, this is an opportunity for the Dems to declare just what direction the party will take in response to the Trump administration.

No surprise here: many of the candidates are ready to resist Trump by doubling-down on a progressive agenda, and according to the straw poll, Rep. Keith Ellison, endorsed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, is far and away the favorite over his competitors.

It’s no wonder, seeing as Ellison is eager to fight and convinced that the House Progressive Caucus is “slaying every day.”

Ellison’s progressive credentials are well known, but would anyone like to stand out by rejecting the “progressive” label? No? OK.

Labor Secretary Tom Perez recently jumped into the race and dialed back the violent rhetoric a little bit by suggesting the DNC needs to bring better utensils to its knife-fight with Trump.

Obstruction, or at least the attempt, is definitely the name of the game in 2017 and beyond.

Sally Boynton Brown, executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party, seems to have taken a close look at where the Democrat Party has erred recently and really NAILED IT.

That’s the ticket: connect with people on an emotional level — hey, maybe even consider trying out emotions other than fear the next four years. Just find that sweet spot between “putting y’all back in chains” and “pushing grandma over the cliff,” and then see if some Hollywood celebs might shoot a video or something to really connect with the little people.

Jehmu Greene is looking to build a street-fighting army of millennials; maybe they should have thought ahead and set up a recruitment table at the LGBT glow-stick rave/protest outside Mike Pence’s rental house that’s getting more social media play than the #DNCDebate.

Would anyone like to tackle the “s” word?

Pop quiz, hotshots:

What did everyone think? Anyone?