You wouldn’t believe it from reading the news, but rumor has it some people will be on the National Mall this Friday solely to witness the inauguration of America’s 45th president, the vast majority of them not sparking up a free joint handed out by marijuana advocates.

Plenty of others have been scrambling to find exactly the right way to show they’ll have nothing to do with elevating a fascist like Trump to the presidency: they’ll be wearing pussyhats, reading poetry, blocking traffic, closing museums, and more. But what about the Trump protester who doesn’t feel like leaving the house?

Slate has the solution: sit back and read this novel about a married cheetah exploring his sexuality with a gay fox.

Author Kyell Gold describes “The Time He Desires,” which was written before the election, as “a response to the wave of Islamophobia in this country” that has now crested with the election of Donald Trump. In the furry romance novel, Aziz, “a cheetah in a faltering heterosexual marriage … explores the boundaries of his sexuality with the help of a gay fox.”

Slate notes that the novel covers not only the experiences of immigrants, Muslims, and the LGBT community, but also the world of furries — “people who feel a close identification with anthropomorphic animal characters.”

We’re still not sure, though, how reading the novel counts as resisting Trump. Is it at least as good as it sounds?

* * *