Martin O’Malley, the former Democratic presidential candidate who also goes by “unidentified man” in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, rallied Utah Democrats Saturday night, and though he wore a suit, O’Malley gave the impression he was ready to roll up his sleeves, hit the streets, and kick some fascist ass if necessary.

One thing’s certain: there was no appetite to unite behind the president after Jan. 20, as O’Malley made clear a day before the Utah Democratic Party Legislative Gala.

Wow, O’Malley packs his tweets tightly — he managed to hit the popular vote, fascism, racism, Russian hacking, and an illegitimate candidacy all in one post. But that was just the warm-up for Saturday night’s gala event with O’Malley.

O’Malley was pretty shameless about evoking images of fighting Nazis and the KKK, considering how quickly he buckled and apologized to #BlackLivesMatter protesters at Netroots Nation after making the unforgivable “mistake” of saying — gasp! — “all lives matter.”

In any case, O’Malley’s speech didn’t seem to draw much coverage by the national media, so it’s important for social media to disseminate his call for Democrats to fight the GOP just as hard as Democrats fought the Nazis and formed, um, fought the KKK.