Here’s where we insert the bit about being so old, we remember when President-elect Donald Trump’s very suggestion that the presidential election was rigged was a threat to democracy itself. Planting that idea inside voters’ minds was practically guaranteeing an outbreak of post-election violence, remember?

Lo and behold, rioting did break out after the election, but smashing car windows can accomplish only so much. The Resistance decided it had to work smarter; instead, Jill Stein pushed for crowdfunded recounts in three states after a science ninja team of computer scientists and election lawyers floated some B.S. story suggesting the vote might have been “manipulated or hacked.”

Plant the idea of hacked election results, mix in the Russians, and it wasn’t long before sites like the Daily Kos and the fringes of the #ImWithHer crowd were on social media demanding not a recount, but a revote.

We’re to the point now where Rosie “Queen of Nice” O’Donnell is calling for martial law if that’s what it takes to delay the inauguration, which is just a week away. That doesn’t leave much time, but an assistant professor of government in American University’s School of Public Affairs published this week in The Hill his outline for how a revote could happen, even now that the Electoral College’s vote has been certified, and without the unsightly mess of imposing martial law.

Really, it can be boiled down to two steps. Chris Edelson explains that first, an independent commission must be created to answer the question: did Russian hacking affect the U.S. election results? (Details — who’s on the commission, and how do they determine anyone changed his or her vote due to hacking that hasn’t even been proved — are thin at this point.)

Following closely would be Step 2, which would be to ” … pass a constitutional amendment requiring a one-time special election to be held as soon as possible.” And there you go; everyone gets to head back to the polls and vote with clear heads this time, as they would have if Russia hadn’t hacked into their minds, and everyone will feel better knowing the second election was legitimate.

Edelson says executing his plan “would be far from easy,” but “well worth trying.” So, let’s get to it, huh?

Move on? Why, when there’s still time, and possibly videotape?

* * *