A flyer circulated by members of the group Refuse Fascism claims that the group’s protests will be “every night and every day growing in numbers,” which will be essential if its stated goal of bringing Washington, D.C. to a halt is going to happen anytime before next Friday — either that, or just protest on the D.C. Metro instead and wait a few minutes for it to break down. As long as commuters are inconvenienced, it’s all good.

The group kicked things off Saturday — that’s #J14 in protest-speak — by gathering in the street, where it appears that police were on duty to direct traffic around what looked to be a relatively intimate gathering of anti-fascists. They’ve tweeted that they’ll be joined night after night until their numbers swell into the hundreds, thousands, and even millions.

Attempting to disrupt the traffic, that is.

Everyone there is NOT fine. Even little children know President-elect Trump is mean and a racist.

That’s a cute kid in red coat; if we weren’t fascists ourselves, we’d find it a bit sad that he only really lit up with positive reinforcement when they managed to prod “He’s racist” out of him.