Tamika D. Mallory, one of the co-chairs of the upcoming Women’s March on Washington, has stated that the march “is not anti-Trump.” Even if we believed that for a second, the message seems to have been lost on many of the women publicizing the event on social media — something tells us there will be more than a few anti-Trump signs in the crowd.

Another message that seems to have been lost, even after a rebranding from the “Million Women March,” is that the Women’s March on Washington isn’t intended for women only. Michael Alison Chandler wrote in the Washington Post earlier this week that just a tiny fraction of the people signed up for the event on Facebook appear to be men. Why so little support?

Is it considered unmasculine to march on behalf of women’s rights? Alex Mohajer, co-founder of Bros 4 Hillary, thinks that “if you outwardly support a woman,” there’s a sense that “you are less deserving of your man stripes.”

Jackson Katz, author of “Man Enough? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the Politics of Presidential Masculinity,” blames Trump himself in part for the slow signup of male marchers. Chandler notes, “Katz attributes the more muffled support among men in part to efforts that Trump and other Republicans have made to challenge the masculinity of men who support liberal causes or women in leadership.”

So, are men afraid of having their man cards revoked if they’re seen marching on the National Mall in the Women’s March on Washington? Or is it possible that a lot of men just assume something called a women’s march is a march intended for women?

Hey, can’t you read? “This effort is not anti-Trump.”

Yes, Jonathan Chait … why do you hate women?

It’s a fair point. Pasty white progressives have never hesitated to crash #BlackLivesMatter marches, so are men just unaware they’re invited?

It’s the old rock and a hard place scenario: if a man crashes a women’s march, is he being outwardly supportive of women’s rights or subconsciously chauvinistic, assuming that men are needed to legitimize the proceedings?

Um, “This effort is not anti-Trump.”

Moralizing from liberals? No way.

Yeah, we’re getting a strong feeling this whole effort is very much anti-Trump despite what the organizers have said.

So, did we ever figure out why men have been slow to sign up for the Women’s March on Washington?