Seeing as progressives don’t hesitate to blame white men for all that is bad in America and the world, it took some doing for Hillary Clinton supporters to pretend they were energized by her choice of running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine, whose trendy “dad bod” was complemented perfectly by his “normcore” lifestyle.

Instead, the United States will have Mike Pence as its next vice president, and critics can rest assured that Pence is as normcore as anyone. He and his family boarded a jet for Joint Base Andrews Monday afternoon, complete with pets in hand. Tagging along were cats Pickles and Oreo, and a rabbit named Marlon Bundo.

Don’t be modest: America is already greater again now that we all know there’s a rabbit named Marlon Bundo in D.C.

America couldn’t take four more years of that dog nonsense; real change in Washington has to be comprehensive to have a chance.

Word is that the Pence family has a pet snake that stayed behind with son Michael.

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