Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump have never been close pals, but as with many celebrities, her insistence that Donald Trump never take office has become more desperate the closer the day comes when Trump is sworn in.

Celebrities failed to swing critical states to Hillary Clinton with their videos, concerts, endorsements, and door-knocking campaigns, and they failed again to convince members of the Electoral College to “go down in history” as heroes. Most of the #ImWithHer and #NotMyPresident crowd at this point have resigned themselves to serving as members of “the resistance” and obstructing the Trump agenda as much as possible.

After a pathetic attempt to delay the certification of the Electoral College vote that managed to push even Joe Biden too far, there really was no hope left of stopping the Trump Train after all. Unless … there’s still the inauguration to get through on Jan. 20. O’Donnell’s rallying for Trump to be arrested before that can happen.

Forget about Hillary Clinton’s warning about the dangers of not accepting the result of the election; O’Donnell wants Trump arrested for treason, invalidating his election … and delaying the inauguration as a bonus. Why wake up to reality when you can keep hitting that snooze alarm in hopes that nightmare has a happy ending?

There are actually courses to teach overseas help desk operators who speak English as a second language to recognize American sarcasm, and Mother Jones’ David Corn really ought to consider the investment if he’s going to keep referring what was obviously a joke.

O’Donnell didn’t find the humor there, either, tweeting (and then apparently deleting) another demand that the inauguration be delayed.



Who’s going to answer Rosie’s 3 a.m. call?