As Twitchy has reported, the election of Donald Trump in November has had far-reaching effects beyond making women cry. Reporters have traced the cancelation of at least two holiday parties directly to the election results, and that trend looks like it might even threaten to dampen the high spirits at the Academy Awards in February.

ABC News reports that the partying mood usually associated with the exchanging of awards could be threatened at Sunday night’s Golden Globes, where “the movie industry’s usual self-congratulatory toasting has been mixed with a foreboding sense of dread.”

Can highly paid Hollywood celebrities act like the world isn’t coming to an end so that regular Americans watching at home can enjoy the escapism provided by what usually is “one of the most freewheeling and frothiest award shows of the year”?

Ratings have been down, but NBC is hoping host Jimmy Fallon can lure back some viewers. Then again, Fallon still is in hot water with some TV viewers for allowing himself and his show be used to humanize a monster; that is, by messing up Donald Trump’s hair back in September.

Maybe it’s not too late to consider a redesigned award just for this year, or at least a last-minute addition to the gift bags?

* * *