Credit BuzzFeed for having a reporter on scene at Wednesday’s press conference in Chicago, where police shared what they knew about a graphic Facebook Live video showing a special needs man who had allegedly been kidnapped, tied up, beaten, cut, and tortured for more than a day while his attackers laughed.

The timing wasn’t quite right, though, as BuzzFeed had only recently published its report on 28 alleged hateful incidents that took place after Donald Trump’s Election Day victory.

“Two hoaxes raised public doubts” is certainly true, seeing as many readers weren’t convinced that the vast majority of the incidents covered really did “check out.”

As far as “alleged hateful incidents” go, one in particular raised the question if the incidents included here were alleged, or just the suggestion that they were hate-inspired.

Well, that all depends on how it affects other people’s feelings, doesn’t it?

* * *