Now that aides have told CNN that both Bill and Hillary Clinton will be attending Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, Joan Walsh, national affairs correspondent for The Nation, has a style suggestion for this national affair.

That’s not a bad idea at all; a designer pantsuit might be salvageable if she spilled straight vodka on it rather than, say, red wine. Maybe it’s sexist to wonder what the Democratic nominee plans to wear, but the media has warned that the election has managed to upset the fashion industry, which faces the danger of being “marginalized — reduced to mere decoration — in a Trump administration.”

So, maybe one of the designers who has publicly refused to dress Melania Trump will step forward with an inauguration special, or perhaps Clinton will go with one of these.

There’s always the “popular vote” option — it won’t win you the White House, but the bragging rights are forever.

Believe it or not, some people would rather see her not attend, although they didn’t want her to concede, either.

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