Even now that the Electoral College vote is old news,  Dr. Jill Stein refuses to give up on the idea that something is up with the voting machines in Wisconsin. Stein held a rally on the capitol steps in Madison Tuesday to launch the Green Party’s Count My Vote campaign.

Ouch: that was prescient. If a presidential candidate holds a rally and no one’s there to hear it, did it really happen? That question’s not entirely fair: there were plenty of TV cameras on hand, but there was also plenty of breathing room.


Here’s another angle to give a better idea of crowd size.

One unverified tally put the crowd at 19, but there’s still a chance a crowdfunded recount effort could show there were fewer attendees. The Count My Vote effort will be funded by donors, Stein announced.

Stein is calling for Wisconsin to use only paper ballots counted by hand or by scanners, audits of those scanners, and automatic recounts in close races.

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