It’s time to start a new folder labeled “Why Trump Won (2017),” because last year’s folder is going to burst at the seams if we try to cram in one more item.

If you don’t know by now why mansplaining is bad, we’re certainly not going to tell you. And things had gotten so bad on the New York subway during the Obama administration that Bill de Blasio had to crack down on manspreading, the practice of sitting with the knees so far apart as to “interfere with the operation of the Authority’s transit system or the comfort of other passengers.”

Fortune reports that men have yet another behavior that needs to be confronted, and that is manterrupting. Worse yet, the onus is on men to call out other menterrupters in the workplace.

Jeffery Tobias Halter, president of YWomen, writes in Fortune that gender bias exists in subtle ways in the workplace; for example, “women are more likely to be interrupted in a meeting (even by other women) than men.” So stop it, OK?

* * *