After a dump of John Podesta’s emails by WikiLeaks appeared to show CNN contributor Donna Brazile sharing upcoming town hall questions with the Hillary Clinton campaign, Brazile released a four-paragraph statement.¬†The first paragraph was a denial, followed by three paragraphs arguing that the real issue at hand was Russian hacking, not leaked questions.

It turns out that Podesta wasn’t hacked at all, but rather fell for a phishing scam. Nevertheless, the¬†media certainly has turned its full attention to Russian hacking, although reporters might be a bit too anxious to find the next breach.


Hold up ‚Ķ it looks like the Russians didn’t hack into a Vermont electrical utility, exactly; rather, malware associated with Russian hackers was found on an employee’s laptop.

The presence of malware is still not great¬†news from a security perspective, but¬†as Vermont’s public service commissioner told the Burlington Free Press after the Post ran its story, “The grid is not in danger.”

As the pattern usually goes, note the nearly¬†3,000 retweets of the Washington Post’s original story,¬†versus the 700 or so for the update.