After a dump of John Podesta’s emails by WikiLeaks appeared to show CNN contributor Donna Brazile sharing upcoming town hall questions with the Hillary Clinton campaign, Brazile released a four-paragraph statement. The first paragraph was a denial, followed by three paragraphs arguing that the real issue at hand was Russian hacking, not leaked questions.

It turns out that Podesta wasn’t hacked at all, but rather fell for a phishing scam. Nevertheless, the media certainly has turned its full attention to Russian hacking, although reporters might be a bit too anxious to find the next breach.


Hold up … it looks like the Russians didn’t hack into a Vermont electrical utility, exactly; rather, malware associated with Russian hackers was found on an employee’s laptop.

The presence of malware is still not great news from a security perspective, but as Vermont’s public service commissioner told the Burlington Free Press after the Post ran its story, “The grid is not in danger.”

As the pattern usually goes, note the nearly 3,000 retweets of the Washington Post’s original story, versus the 700 or so for the update.


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