As Twitchy reported, the United States has ejected 35 Russian intelligence operatives from the country, and President Obama vowed to impose sanctions on Russian intelligence services in retaliation for what the White House is calling “malicious cyber activity and harassment.”

Why it took this long for President Obama to do something about malicious cyber activity is another question entirely, but credit the White House for stopping short of accusing Russia of “hacking the election,” whatever that means. Does it mean that Russian operatives actually reprogrammed voting machines in Wisconsin by slipping malicious floppy disks into the drive slots?

The term “hacking” has been used as shorthand for a lot of alleged activities, but the result is always the same: Hillary Clinton lost.

That’s what the tweet says, right? “US sanctions Russia over vote hacking.” See, Dr. Jill Stein was onto something with her floppy disk theory.

Even Michigan Rep. Justin Amash didn’t hesitate to call out AFP for propagating fake news.

It is an awful headline — deceptive and flat-out incorrect, even — but AFP ran with it anyway.

True … but the administration also hasn’t done much to dispel the idea either.

Yep … and the idea is taking hold.

And here’s NPR with its entry into the “election hacking” narrative.

Maybe the pro journalists who work with words for a living could explain rather than asking readers to fill in the blanks.

And here’s ABC News’ chief political analyst repeating the line that Russia hacked our election.

Well, there had to be some explanation how Hillary lost.

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