As Twitchy reported, Trump voters likely went to the polls in November not knowing or caring that the hosts of one of L.A.’s hottest holiday parties had already had Hillary Clinton victory napkins custom-printed for the occasion.

That event was cancelled, as no one really felt like having a party with a Trump presidency looming. Instead, the party budget was donated to Planned Parenthood and other needy groups.

The dominoes keep falling, and now another party has been cancelled altogether rather than the host allow Trump voters into his home. The tennis group is history too, as Henry S. Rosen explains at the Daily Kos: “… I could not socialize with people who lacked a moral compass which I consider fundamental to being American.”

Nobody who voted Trump, deplorable or not, should expect an invitation to hang out with Henry and Alice ever again:

Every person who voted for Trump is complicit. Some, like Hillary’s deplorables, are incorrigible. Others, like our comfortable friends, chose their own pocketbooks, or their understandable distaste of Hillary Clinton, over doing what was right.

If the adults in this scenario are acting like children, then the children are acting suspiciously like adults. Even the children in Rosen’s Chinese American COO’s preschool took advantage of Trump’s election to speak their young minds, bullying former nap-time colleagues with comments such as, “Your father is going to be killed because he didn’t vote for Trump.”