Of course the late Carrie Fisher had a wide-ranging career, but on the sad occasion of her passing, it’s clear that most remember her fondly as Princess Leia.

Sorry …

Got it.

Fisher reprised the role in 2015’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and the iconic title crawl made it clear from the start that Leia Organa had been promoted to the rank of general. Even C-3PO took some reprogramming to become used to referring to her by that title, and as fans remember Fisher, some are urging them to do the same.

Center for American Progress president Neera Tanden, for example, called her evolution into a respected military leader the best part of her character.

Writer Anne Thériault’s thread explaining how General Leia was the true hero of the Star Wars saga, though, and an inspiration to keep fighting the oppressor in these “dark times,” is the one garnering the most attention.

Sure, men suck and all … but maybe give a little bit of credit to the ones who created the character and then wrote all of her lines?

Who even knows how much each of them was getting paid, although it was Leia promising Han Solo unspecified financial compensation for his trouble in the first movie.

That was kind of nice. Just don’t ruin the moment by fact-checking a fictional work, OK?

Considering the criticism Donald Trump got for his “Mourning in America” speech at the RNC, the “darkest acceptance speech possible,” dark times really seems to be the theme of the day.