The people who type in those banners that appear across the bottom of the cable news aren’t known by name, but their work certainly catches the eye every now and then, overshadowing whatever was being said at the time.

CNN has been known to broadcast some of the more notable chyrons, and the network scored again Tuesday with this cheeky number:

Brian Stelter, CNN’s senior media correspondent and host of “Reliable Sources,” noted his own network’s effort at throwing some “chyron shade” at the president-elect.

Good question, and a likely topic on the next edition of “Reliable Sources,” whenever it airs: “Is it shade if it is the truth? Our panel tackles that question next on CNN, the most trusted name in shade-throwing.”

CNN hedges its bets a bit on the network’s website, noting that “Donald Trump appears to be doing many of the same things he criticized Hillary Clinton for during the presidential campaign” under the headline, “Is Trump doing things he criticized Clinton for?”

TV screens can only hold so much text, though, so something’s gotta go — objectivity, if necessary.

* * *