As the week ends on a quiet note, here’s a reminder of what a busy day Monday was.

The terror attack in Berlin rightfully dominated the headlines earlier this week, and the photo of the assassination in Turkey made front pages everywhere, but other incidents that same day managed to fly under the radar. Among them was the shooting of a man who reportedly threatened passengers on a commuter train in Vancouver with a machete..

The Vancouver Police Department issued an official update on the machete incident the following day:

Metro Vancouver Transit Police and the VPD responded to the 29th Avenue SkyTrain Station at around 8:30 yesterday morning after receiving reports that a man was allegedly threatening passengers with a machete.

As negotiations continued, the man broke his way out through the closed train doors with the machete. He refused to comply with the officers’ directions to drop his weapon. As the suspect approached police officers, and the exit to the station, he was eventually shot.

The Vancouver Sun published a rare follow-up on the incident, noting that the chief of the transit police is committed to tripling the number of officers trained and equipped with Tasers so they have a less-lethal option available in crisis situations.

The man shot by police was expected to survive, and though he was identified, police said his name won’t be released until he is charged.

So, carry on everyone.

Make that five days later.

* * *