Well, this didn’t stick:

A day after deciding to change the name of its “Generation KKK” miniseries to the much more difficult to misconstrue “Escaping the KKK: A Documentary Series Exposing Hate in America,” as well as announcing a partnership with Color of Change to “help provide context,” A&E has scrapped the project altogether.

In its statement, A&E says it discovered that the producers of the miniseries made nominal cash payments to some participants “in order to facilitate access,” a violation of the network’s policies for documentaries.

A&E goes on to add, “Just because this particular show goes away, the issues of hate in America do not.” Wow, maybe A&E should rethink canceling the series if airing it was going to make the issues of hate in America go away; to be honest, it sounded like exploitative garbage timed to coincide with the inauguration.

It doesn’t sound like “Escaping the KKK” is going to be missed.

By the way, Color of Change — the group with which A&E had partnered to produce segments featuring civil rights leaders to air with its miniseries — isn’t shy about throwing around rhetoric related to the Klan, as demonstrated in some of its current campaigns:

Color of Change active campaigns

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